NFL: Week 15 Predictions

14 down, 3 to go, and 3 teams have already punched their tickets to the playoffs already.  The Colts are your AFC South champs, while the Seahawks and Broncos have clinched at least a wild card berth.

Thursday Night Football

  • San Diego @ Denver: They’ve got a playoff spot locked up, but Denver still has a lot to play for, namely the division and number 1 seed in the AFC. But the Chargers are still looking to sneak into the playoffs.  Both offense so are coming off good weeks, but the Broncos just don’t lose at home.  And the Chargers are so inconsistent I don’t trust them in a must win game. DENVER WINS

1PM Sunday Games

  • Washington @ Atlanta: Both teams are just playing out the season, and looking to avoid the worst record in the league.  The Skins are coming off a blowout win, while the Falcons played a close one with Green Bay. I think the Falcons have been a little bit more consistent, at least on offense, so give me the home team in this one.  ATLANTA WINS
  • San Francisco @ Tampa Bay: The niners are coming off a big win, and are still fighting for a playoff spot.  The Bucs are having a good 2nd half of the season, but aren’t playing for anything.  That’s why I see San Fran coming out and picking up the road win to maintain their hold on a wild card spot. SAN FRAN WINS
  • Seattle @ New York Giants: One looks to secure the 1 seed in the NFC, the other is playing out the season.  The Seahawks aren’t the same team they are on the road, but they’re a way better team than a giants, so give me the road team. SEATTLE WINS
  • Philadelphia @ Minnesota: The Eagles have a chance to make winning the east easier on themselves with a win against the Vikings. they hold a game lead over Dallas and play them the final week of the season. The Vikings are the North bottom-dwellers and are down AP. PHILLY WINS
  • New England @ Miami: The Pats are coming off a last second come from behind win, while the Dolphins are also coming off a good win last week. New England has been up and down lately, especially in how they start games.  But the Pats are just a better team, despite the loss of Gronkowski, and they’ll find away to get off to a good start on the road this week. NEW ENGLAND WINS
  • Buffalo @ Jacksonville: The Jags are having the kind of second half their fans hope carries over to next year.  They’re 4-1 after an 0-9 start and won’t finish in the bottom of the South.  The Bills look like they might just end up the bottom-dwellers in the East despite a pretty solid run game all season.  Jacksonville has been much more consistent on both sides of the football of late, and that’s why I think they get their 5th win of the season. JACKSONVILLE WINS
  • Houston @ Indianapolis: I’ve given up on the Texans, which is saying something since they gave up about 8 weeks ago.  The Colts continue struggle in the 2nd half of the season, falling big to Cincinnati a week ago. So what gives this week? Does Houston finally stop their franchise long losing streak at 11, or do the Colts snap out of their funk? I think it’s the latter simple because the Colts are just too good to fall into such a big trap game. INDY WINS
  • Chicago @ Cleveland: The Bears walked all over the Cowboys a week ago, but couldn’t stop the run.  The Browns defense did enough the first 40 minutes to give them a chance against the Pats, but it wasn’t enough.  The Bears are another team that is consistently inconsistent, while Cleveland got off to a surprisingly hot start, and have cooled down.  But the Browns have done a pretty good job against the run this season, and I think they find away to spoil the bears playoff dreams. The Bears do get Cutler back, despite a big game from McGown. CLEVELAND WINS

4/4:25 PM Games

  • Kansas City @ Oakland: The Chiefs got back on track in a big way to snap their 3 game skid last week, while the Raiders gave up a ton of points to the Jets. So give me the playoff team over the not playoff team.  KANSAS CITY WINS
  • New York Jets @ Carolina: The Jets offense came back to life, but the Panthers defense will put it back to sleep. End of story. CAROLINA WINS
  • Green Bay @ Dallas: The Packers were helped out last week by a Lions loss, so they still have a shot at the division.  The Cowboys continue to struggle in December, and look to rectify that.  And I think they will to keep things interesting in the East.  DALLAS WINS
  • Arizona @ Tennessee: The Cardinals are looking to fly into the playoffs, but so are the Titans.  These are two surprise teams in their given conferences so I expect a tough battle.  But I think the Cardinals are more balanced, and they’ll get a big road win. ARIZONA WINS
  • New Orleans @ St. Louis: The Saints made a statement at home against the Panthers a week ago, and now look to make another one on the road against a very good Rams defense.  I think they will. NEW ORLEANS WINS

Sunday Night Football

  • Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh: This AFC North showdown is much more important for the Steelers who are still trying to steal a playoff spot.  But that’s not to say it’s not big for the Bengals, who want to hold on to the number 2 seed in the playoffs.  And I think they respond, looking to finally move on to the 2nd round after a number of 1st round losses.  CINCY WINS

Monday Night Football

  • Baltimore @ Detroit: The Ravens are a playoff team (right now) again.  The Lions are also in the postseason as of now atop the North.  But neither are secured so it’s a huge game for both squads.  But in a playoff like game, I trust Joe Flacco and the Superbowl Champs way more than the Lions who seem to always underachieve. Give me the road team. BALTIMORE WINS

That’s it. Enjoy the playoff preview that is week 15 in the NFL.