NFL PLAYOFFS: Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 is set.  The NFC and AFC will each be sending the number 1 seeds to the big dance two weeks from now in the Bay Area. Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos unseated the defending champions 20-18 before the Carolina Panthers dominated (as they’d done all opponents all year) the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 to end the night.

Super Bowl 50
  • Broncos (1) @ Panthers (1): It’s a match-up of numbers 1’s in more ways than one.  Not only do we get the top teams from each conference, it’s the first time two Quarterbacks who went 1st overall will face-off in the Super Bowl. This game is and will be proof that defense wins championships.  Both teams were carried by their D all season. After starting off slowly, Carolina’s offense got better as the season progressed, culminating in a dismantling of the Cardinal’s defense in the NFC Championship game.  Denver on the other hand, has scored just enough for most of the season, and will only go as far as their run game takes them this weekend.  No one is asking for a huge performance, but they need to counteract the Panthers ability to control time of possession.  Both teams have the ability to strike quick, and I think this has the possibility to be a higher scoring game than these defenses dictate.  Peyton Manning started the season off slowly, was out for a while but now he his back and well rested.  Knowing this could be his final game, I bet you he airs it out, and does things we aren’t accustomed to seeing (similar to the run that shocked his teammates in the AFC Championship game). While I think the Panthers are here to stay, taking the Seahawks place as the team to beat in the NFC for the next few years, give me Peyton Manning to walk off into the sunset with a second ring. DENVER WINS

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