NFL Playoffs: Championship Weekend Recap

The Superbowl is set.  The Seattle Seahawks look to be the first repeat champions since their opponents, the New England Patriots, did so in 2004-05.

These two team took 2 different paths to winning their conferences.

NFC Championship Recap

  • Early on this one was looking like a Turnover bowl rather than a title game.  Green Bay had a chance to score two quick touchdowns but settled for field-goals.  I had no problem with them settling for the first one.  I understand this was a game to get you into the Superbowl, but the Packers were on the road, in the best home-field advantage in football and had a chance to put points on the board first against the best defense in the NFL.  But when they got the ball right back on a turnover, Green Bay once again couldn’t force it in in the red-zone, so they hit another field-goal to go up 6-0.  That’s the point when I would’ve taken a shot.  You’ve given yourself proof you can score against them, and now you have a shot to put them down double digits in the 1st quarter.  The Pack would score a touchdown in the first half and add another field-goal to hold a 16-0 lead at the halftime break.  But that’s just a 2 score lead, which isn’t as daunting as a game that could’ve been at 24-0.  The turnovers for both teams continued, but the Seahawks defense continued to shut down Green Bay, giving their offense a chance.  Add to that a huge game from back Marshawn Lynch to help balance out field position and get the offense on track.  But even so, Seattle found themselves down 19-7 with under 6 to play.  And then the fun started.  After 4 interceptions, his first such game, Russell Wilson woke up, ran in a score to bring Seattle to within 6.  Then a misplay by Green Bay on an on-side kick gave the champs the ball back.  Lynch made it look easy on a 24-yard TD run then Wilson showed his escape ability to prolong a 2-point conversion attempt, to put them up 3.  Aaron Rodgers had under 90 seconds, and 3 time outs, and managed to get into field goal range for kicker Mason Crosby, who nailed his 4th of the game.  To OT we went, Seattle won the toss then marched down the field like it was nothing, capped off by a perfect 35-yard pass to tight-end Jermaine Kearse to win the game.  It was redemption for Wilson, who’s 4 interceptions were all on passes towards Kearse.  Poor execution doomed Green Bay, who outplayed Seattle for most of the game.

AFC Championship Recap

  • This game was never in doubt.  New England has owned Andrew Luck and the Colts the past 3 years, and last night was the biggest win of them all.  It was 14-0 Patriots before anyone was over the first game of the day.  That being said, it was still a game at the start of the 3rd quarter, with Indianapolis down just 10.  But Luck continued to struggle in the playoffs, throwing 12 interceptions in 6 career games.  The Patriots defense wasn’t having any of the Colts offense.  But the story of the game?  Legarrette Blount’s 3 rushing touchdowns and nearly 150-yards on the ground.  Tom Brady spread the wealth in the air, and only turned the ball over once.  3 touchdowns from New England in the 3rd turned this one into a laugher, making it the 2nd biggest blowout in AFC Championship history.

I’ve gone 7-3 with my playoff picks, but neither of the teams (Packers/Broncos) I thought in the preseason would be playing in the final game are here.

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